• The cumulative experience in The Nikols Company makes for a unique and potent team.  They are knowledgeable, entrepreneurial and decisive.

    Michael P. Simondi, Esq.



Most borrowers focus on loan costs as the most significant issue. Working with Nikols has reinforced that it’s the intangibles that separate good lenders from great lenders. They exhibited a highly responsive orientation to our ideas for this loan facility and developed an innovative solution which few competitors could ever match. With Nikols, we have found both a great lender and an outstanding partner.
— Kevin Choquette, Principal, Fident Capital, Inc.
As a career mortgage banker I knew that there was no institutional capital source for my client’s loan request. Nikols’ ability to deal with the changes in the lease negotiation and site engineering specifications resulted in a $2,161,000 closed loan that started as a $1,350,000 loan request.
— Steve Bridges, WestCap Corp.
Your construction loan enabled us to take advantage of an opportunistic purchase. Your flexibility to extend the loan terms and include the final phase 3 completed our 19-home community effortlessly. Thank you for taking the time to understand this opportunity and move forward in an environment where almost no one would listen to our story.
— Traci Cline, Principal, Jade Homes, Inc.


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